[rabbitmq-discuss] Using ldap when connecting to management plugin

Simon MacMullen simon at rabbitmq.com
Wed Aug 8 15:36:58 BST 2012

On 01/08/12 19:45, Kristen Stewart wrote:
> This is the error returned from the management UI:
> {error,
>      {exit,
>          {{{case_clause,
>                {badrpc,
>                    {'EXIT',
>                        {as_user_no_password,
>                            {gen_server,call,
>                                [rabbit_auth_backend_ldap,
>                                 {login,<<"knstewart">>},

Ah. Thanks for the report.

So it seems that there is an incompatibility between the AMQP direct 
client and the LDAP plugin's {other_bind, as_user} mode. This will 
affect bits of the management plugin and some other plugins (STOMP for 

This is especially noticeable since {other_bind, as_user} is the default 
since 2.8.0.

If it's acceptable to you, you can work around this by setting 
{other_bind, anon} or {other_bind, {"username", "password"}} under 
rabbitmq_auth_backend_ldap in your configuration file.

For an explanation of other_bind, see:


A fix for this will appear in a future release.

Cheers, Simon

Simon MacMullen
RabbitMQ, VMware

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