[rabbitmq-discuss] TCP Backpressure / Flow Control in C# producer

Ulli Berthold - Exactag GmbH berthold at exactag.com
Wed Aug 8 08:51:21 BST 2012

Hi Matthias,

Well, because i got a producer that frequently puts more data into the queue than is processed at that time (will processed be at later, quieter, intervals though). Frequently that puts the producer into flow mode, slowing it down, which is not an option in our case. The producer has to be freed again within milliseconds to accept the next event. If the queue doesn't accept data as fast as I produce it I need to see that and switch over to an alternative (local file-based cache) which again will be processed later.



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On 08/08/12 08:19, Ulli Berthold - Exactag GmbH wrote:
> i'm looking for a stable way to capture TCP backpressure / flow 
> control events in a high load C# producer, how exactly should I handle that?

Why would you want to "capture" events relating to TCP back pressure? 
It's something that happens all the time - many times a second - on any TCP connection.


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