[rabbitmq-discuss] Install a plugin in the broker

Félix López jaaaelpumuki at gmail.com
Fri Aug 3 10:08:09 BST 2012

thanks, that's better ;)

2012/8/3 Emile Joubert <emile at rabbitmq.com>

> Hi Félix,
> On 03/08/12 09:54, Félix López wrote:
> > And that's it, I thought that when this all the projects inside the
> >  rabbitmq-public-umbrella would be from the same tag/branch, but
> > apparently they don't, so you have to enter in the rabbitmq-server and
> > do hg checkout rabbitmq_v2_8_5
> You can set all repositories to the same branch with the named_update
> make target like this:
> make BRANCH=rabbitmq_v2_8_5 named_update
> -Emile


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