[rabbitmq-discuss] Install a plugin in the broker

Félix López jaaaelpumuki at gmail.com
Fri Aug 3 09:57:15 BST 2012

I understand, thank you. I'll try to improve it until I can do something
better with credit flow.

2012/8/3 Matthias Radestock <matthias at rabbitmq.com>

> On 03/08/12 09:45, Félix López wrote:
>> Let me check.
>> Regarding the throttling:
>> It's a temporary solution, I'd like to try to do good one with credit
>> flow, but later.
>> It preserves the order in what they arrive, so when a message for the
>> exchange Test1 arrives a process is spawned with a timeout, the next
>> message for the same exchange takes into that time, so it calculates its
>> timeout basing on it.
> In your code each message is passed on via a freshly spawned process.
> Erlang only guarantees message order between pairs of processes. What you
> have will work most of the time, particularly when message rates are low,
> but there is no guarantee.
>  About the rate limit with multiple concurrent publishers, why not? It
>> stores the next timeout in a transaction, so the next message should
>> calculate its timeout taking into account the previous message.
> The reading of the previous timeout and writing of the new timeout happen
> in different transactions. So multiple concurrent publishers could all read
> the same value.
> Matthias.


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