[rabbitmq-discuss] Management API Send/Receive Event Measurements

Brendan Hay brendan at soundcloud.com
Wed Aug 1 08:47:41 BST 2012

Hola bandidas/bandidos,

In the /api/connections/<name> endpoint, I'd (previously/naively) presumed
that recv_oct_details.last_event and send_oct_details.last_event
would correlate to some sort of activity on the connection in general ..
including underlying channels - although this appears to not be the case,

   - Connection:
   - Channel: https://gist.github.com/23455d60bea127bca57c#file_channel.json

In the above example, the connection shows *.last_event timestamps as when
the connection was established / handshake occurred,
and the channel shows current and consistent throughput + updated events.

- Intended behaviour?
- Is there any way to determine if a connection is idle from just the data
available in the /api/connections endpoint?

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