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Uday Subbarayan uday.subbarayan at yahoo.com
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Thanks for the pointer. We have a serious need for this solution and going to make it work: browser <--> Rabbit MQ communication.


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Some time ago I tried  https://github.com/dansimpson/amqp-js

It works fine. But it is not maintained and there is one issue ("user/password not taken into account") which prevented me to use this solution for a real work.

It is a complete solution which can be used for Browser -> RabbitMQ connection.

I do not know Adobe action script at all, but it looks like java. Maybe some good soul could convert Dan Simpson's action scripts, which implement probably complete access from browsers to RabbitMQ to SockJS .

Such solution in pure javascript - without Adobe Flash - would be a great thing!
I believe someone will create such connection using SockJS sooner or later.  
I am waiting for a good browser <-> RabbitMQ connection for years! 


Dne 24. dubna 2012 1:45 Uday Subbarayan <uday.subbarayan at yahoo.com> napsal(a):

>        I am looking for a JavaScript lib with callback to receive messages when a new message is posted in a queue in  Rabbit MQ. I did research and understand discussions like this:
>Browser(Socket.IO)-----> Node.js---> Rabbit MQ
>is the best solution with security?
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