[rabbitmq-discuss] About how much memory does RabbitMQ server use under Linux?

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Tue Apr 24 11:35:56 BST 2012


On 23/04/12 23:49, theBuckWheat wrote:
> I would like to use RabbitMQ to handle messaging to a pool of remote slave
> (virtual) machines running Linux.  These machines are configured to match
> the application and typically have 256mb of memory.  If I am only using
> RabbitMQ to handle 4 queues with no persistence, about how much memory will
> the server service consume?

If the size of any messages approach a quarter of the available RAM
(64Mb in your case) then the server will come under memory pressure. If
the queues stay fairly short and there are no other services installed
on the server then it should work, but you should test instead of
believing me. You may also want to configure sufficient swap space and
lower the vm_memory_high_watermark.


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