[rabbitmq-discuss] Sender-selected distribution appears to not work

Laing, Michael P. Michael.Laing at nytimes.com
Sat Apr 21 14:25:22 BST 2012

If I quote the "CC" in the management console, I no longer get the 406

But my 'guessed at' format for array args in the console didn't work: I'll
experiment a bit.

And I'll dive into the client library for my test program.

I can always switch from nodejs to ruby if necessary. The nodejs library
is quite sketchy, unfortunately.



On 4/21/12 9:15 AM, "Matthias Radestock" <matthias at rabbitmq.com> wrote:

>On 21/04/12 14:05, Laing, Michael P. wrote:
>> Unfortunately, testing via the management console returns this:
>> 406 PRECONDITION_FAILED - invalid message:
>> {unacceptable_type_in_header,longstr,"CC"}
>> (although it's not really clear how to enter an array in the field)
>> Testing via my program returns something similar:
>> Unhandled channel error: PRECONDITION_FAILED - invalid message:
>> {unacceptable_type_in_header,table,"CC"}
>> It seems to reject "CC" as a header.
>The header value needs to be an AMQP 'array'. Unfortunately I have no
>idea how to enter that in the management UI or how to produce such a
>header in the client library you are using.

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