[rabbitmq-discuss] One message instance in couple of queues

ostin ooostin at gmail.com
Fri Apr 20 17:27:13 BST 2012


Please help me to find answer for my problem:
I have two abstract queues (Q1, Q2). I send a message (M1) to Q1 and
it is been copied to Q2. Below this point everything is rather simple,
I can use fanout, topic and headers exchange to deliver one message to
several queues :)
What I want is to have only one instance of M1 in the system: when I
delete message from Q1 is should disappear from Q2 either. As I
understand, message doesn't have any ID in the system so I can't
delete directly M1 from both queues.

So, is my problem solvable with RabbitMQ (amqp generally)?

Example application with topic exchange:
I push a message to server1.app1 queue and an other one to
server1.app2 queue. I monitor server1 queue to determine count of
processing messages on server 1. After app1 ends processing message it
shold be deleted from both queues: from app1 to prevent duplicate
processing, from server1 to have valid stats for monitoring. I assume
that there can be many applications with random names, so I cant
monitor just count of messages in app* queues.


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