[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ .NET Client - QueueBind Slow & Synchronous

Ryan Gunn Ryan at nutcracker.co.za
Tue Apr 17 13:52:02 BST 2012

Good Day/Evening,

I'm having some problems where my application hangs when calling QueueBind on the Model. If my client loses connection and connection is restored I re-subscribe to all routing keys the user was subscribed to. When subscribing to 170 routing keys on the same exchange and queue it takes about 6 - 8 seconds and during those 6-8 seconds my application is hanging due to the QueueBind being a synchronous. I'm currently using v2.7.1 of the RabbitMQ Client.

My Questions are:

Should it take 6-8 seconds to subscribe to 170 routing keys?
Will you be able to add an asynchronous call for QueueBind to the RabbitMQ Client API? (I don't know if this is the right place to ask for such requests)

Thanks for your help.

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