[rabbitmq-discuss] What is the currently fastest way to stream messages?

Matt matt.wolf74 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 07:30:24 BST 2012


I am working on a project with one producer, one consumer that need to pass 
messages over the localhost (inter-process). I am targeting C# .Net4.5(4.0 
also fine). I look for a way to published raw byte[] (size of each 16 
bytes) messages, but I can chunk up the byte[] into larger sizes and send. 
The order of the sent messages must be preserved. Otherwise, I look to go 
as lightweight as possible, disabling any parsing, 
serialization/deserialization, no persistence, no guaranteed message 
delivery needed, just as fast as possible. I managed to push 45mb /sec over 
the bus but maxed out beyond that. 

What message pattern would you suggest I look more closely at, what 
parameters would I want to tune/check, is there a way to go brokerless for 
throughput optimization, can amqp message parsing be turned off (I read its 
a major bottleneck and design flaw how the amqp parser works), can I omit 
queues, will turning off ackq speed things up? Basically anything than can 
get my throughput up is highly welcomed. I understand I will not be able to 
reach ZeroMQs throughput rates because its a brokerless solution but I like 
RabbitMQ and its mature enough to run in production and this pub/sub 
pattern is only one of the many other message patterns that I use and where 
throughputs are not critical. But this byte array stream is throughput 
critical and I would appreciate any comments how to tune this. 


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