[rabbitmq-discuss] service restart command hangs

Rosa, Andrea (HP Cloud Services) andrea.rosa at hp.com
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Hi James,

Ok thank you for your message. I hope you will not encounter that one again, but just in case let me know your diagnose ;)

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I have encountered this on occasion but never take note of the cause. Two months ago I made it a priority to completely diagnose the next time it happens but it still hadn't happened yet. :)

Each time I simple did a hard kill of the beam process.


On Tue, Apr 10, 2012 at 11:52 AM, Rosa, Andrea (HP Cloud Services) <andrea.rosa at hp.com<mailto:andrea.rosa at hp.com>> wrote:

Sometimes when we have to restart the service of rabbitmq the command hangs: sudo service rabbitmq-server restart (sudo service rabbitmq-server stop as well)
There are no errors or strange entries in the log file, it seems that rabbitmq is busy and doesn't execute the command.
We have 2.7.1 rabbitmq version running on a Linux box.

Anyone experienced with that before?
PS to restart the service we had to kill the beam process
Andrea Rosa
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