[rabbitmq-discuss] Identifying TCP Listeners.

Michael Bridgen mikeb at rabbitmq.com
Wed Apr 11 11:59:23 BST 2012

On 04/11/2012 11:52 AM, Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
> On Wed, 2012-04-11 at 06:49 -0400, Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
>> How can I determine what 'service' is active on a port via RabbitMQ?
>> I've figured out all but TCP/49974
>> 0  epmd [Erlang Port Mapper]
>>   beam.smp [????]
> Actually, this port seems to 'float', as it is different every time I
> restart Rabbit.

I expect it's Erlang distribution -- i.e., it's the port the node 
advertises in epmd so other nodes can communicate with it.


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