[rabbitmq-discuss] Configuration Change Makes RabbitMQ Start Hang

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Wed Apr 11 11:41:34 BST 2012

On Wed, 2012-04-11 at 06:17 -0400, Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
> My RabbitMQ node is working perfectly.
> But I want RabbitMQ on my testing host to only listen on localhost.  I
> can do that for Rabbit but the erlang kernel seems to always listen on
> all interfaces
> So I found that I can theoretically add 
> {kernel,[{inet_dist_use_interface,{127,0,0,1}}]}
>  - to my /etc/rabbitmq/rabbitmq.conf.  But once I do that starting
> RabbitMQ just hangs. startup_err remains empty.
> What is the correct way to control the interfaces used?

I can control both RabbitMQ's service and the management interface via -

  {rabbit,          [ {tcp_listeners, [{'',5672}]}, ... ] },
  {rabbitmq_mochiweb, [ {listeners, [{mgmt, [{port, 55672},
                                             {ip, ""}]}]}]}

- but for epmd I can't find how to configure to only listen on a
specific interface / address.
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