[rabbitmq-discuss] ZebroGaMQ: Communication Middleware for Mobile Gaming based on RabbitMQ

Adgeg Gabriel gabriel.adgeg at it-sudparis.eu
Tue Apr 10 14:13:45 BST 2012

Our team has created a communication middleware for mobile gaming called
ZebroGaMQ(*), within the TOTEM research project for Mobile Mixed Reality
ZebroGaMQ is based on RabbitMQ. It provides an easy and reliable way
to publish and consume messages in the context of mobile multiplayer games.
A prototypical game involves:

    * A Python server (using pika library)
    * Android applications (using rabbitmq client for Java)
    * JavaScript applications (using Node.js and its amqp library)
    * Java J2SE applications (using rabbitmq client for Java)

Here are the features of ZebroGaMQ:

    * Clients of ZebroGaMQ don't have to handle the low-level details of
      message reception. They just need to define a behaviour on the
      consumption of these messages.
    * Disconnection management of Android devices is allowed. Simply
      focus on publishing your messages, the middleware handles for you
      the loss of network connection inherent to mobile networks.
    * Game instances management is provided. You can create several
      instances of a game, and let players use those instances in parallel.

ZebroGaMQ is available on GitHub: https://github.com/simatic/ZebroGaMQ

We will soon publish a demonstrator game called aMazing that uses ZebroGaMQ.

We welcome any questions and feedbacks.


(*)  https://github.com/simatic/ZebroGaMQ
(**) http://www.totem-games.org
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