[rabbitmq-discuss] Maximize throughput with RabbitMQ

chmin wu chuangmin.wu at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 15:05:32 BST 2012

In our project, we want to use the RabbitMQ in "Task Queues" pattern
to pass data.
On the producer side, we build a few TCP server(in node.js) to recv
high concurrent data and send it to MQ without doing anything.
On the consumer side, we use JAVA client to get the task data from
MQ, handle it and then ack.
So the question is:
To get the maximum message passing throughput/performance( For example, 400,000 
msg/second) , How many queues is best?  Does that more queue means better 
throughput/performance? And is there anything else should I notice?
Any known best practices guide for using RabbitMQ in such scenario?
Any comments are highly appreciated!!
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