[rabbitmq-discuss] the external application post a message to the topic being monitored by the JMS listener

krati.x.gupta at accenture.com krati.x.gupta at accenture.com
Mon Apr 2 08:27:15 BST 2012

Doe anybody know how to connect post messages from rabbitmq to weblogic server inwhich topic is configured?

Thanks And Regards,
Krati Gupta | Accenture
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Hi Brendan

Thanks for the reply.

Currently we don't have any load-balancer installed and all the operations are hardcoded.

On Monday, April 2, 2012 2:35:11 PM UTC+10, Brendan Hay wrote:
Hi Roshan,

I would suggest you provision a _new_ physical cluster running 2.8.1
side by side with your old cluster, and then incrementally move
producers/consumers over.

Are you using some sort of load-balancer in front of your cluster,
such as HAProxy or LVS?
What sort of service discovery do the clients use to find Rabbit?
(Chef, ZooKeeper, hard-coded configs, etc.)


On Apr 2, 3:14 am, Codevally <codeva... at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi All
> I need to upgrade our current production 2.7.1 RabbitMQ cluster to it's new
> 2.8.1 version.
> In our production cluster, we have 2 disc node and erlang R15B installed.
> According to the RabbitMQ cluster guilde:
> "All nodes in a cluster must be running the same versions of Erlang and
> RabbitMQ, although they may have different plugins installed. Therefore it
> is necessary to stop all nodes in the cluster, then start all nodes when
> performing an upgrade."
> In our case we cannot shutdown our existing cluster, because it is heavily
> used to send messages across regions.
> Could someone please let me know how to upgrade 2.7.1 cluster without
> shutdown the entire cluster.
> Many Thanks.
> /Roshan
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