[rabbitmq-discuss] Restore parts of rabbitmq mnesia database after crash

Christopher Grebs christopher.grebs at native-instruments.de
Mon Nov 28 18:20:25 GMT 2011

Hey Simon,

yea, maybe a short excurse on what we have done:

We had two rabbitmq nodes in a cluster configuration and sadly the 
second node got broken so the first (master node) was running in cluster 
configuration but without a second node - kinda broken thingy.

Now the master was restarted and did not start properly possibly - as 
you mentioned - because of some broken cluster, at least that's what I 
think when I read the error message.

So there was only one node in the whole cluster and this one did not 
start properly but raised this error - so I have no other node to try out.

Cheers, Christopher.

On 11/28/2011 07:14 PM, Simon MacMullen wrote:
> Hmm. That error message should meant that you tried to get two 
> separate clusters to merge (i.e. without resetting), or that Mnesia 
> schemas got out of sync for some other reason (not obvious how).
> Either way, you should have been left with at least one node that 
> *would* start successfully - so if you needed the data from Mnesia, 
> you'd have to start with that one...
> Cheers, Simon
> On 28/11/11 17:43, Christopher Grebs wrote:
>> Hey there everyone,
>> we had a problem with our rabbitmq server that crashed and did not
>> start properly but aborted with this message:
>> Mnesia(rabbit at mq01): ** ERROR ** (core dumped to file: "/var/lib/
>> rabbitmq/MnesiaCore.rabbit at mq01_1322_497494_760300")
>> ** FATAL ** Failed to merge schema: Bad cookie in table definition
>> rabbit_queue: rabbit at mq01 = {cstruct,rabbit_queue,set,
>> [rabbit at mq02,rabbit at mq01],[],[],0,read_write,[],[],false,amqqueue,
>> [name,durable,auto_delete,exclusive_owner,arguments,pid],[],[],
>> {{1298,52135,154226},rabbit at mq02},{{5,0},{rabbit at mq02,
>> {1312,883667,389675}}}}, rabbit at mq02 = {cstruct,rabbit_queue,set,
>> [rabbit at mq02],[],[],0,read_write,[],[],false,amqqueue,
>> [name,durable,auto_delete,exclusive_owner,arguments,pid],[],[],
>> {{1318,853352,227541},rabbit at mq02},{{2,0},[]}}
>> Indeed the message is kinda not the problem because we were working
>> with some partly-configured rabbitmq-cluster that was on the one hand
>> active and on the other hand not active so maybe this was expected.
>> Once I backed up the old mnesia database and created a new one
>> everything started to work properly.
>> But in fact it may happened that there was some required data in the
>> mnesia database and so the question is if there is any way to get out
>> messages/userdata/configuration of the "old" mnesia database?
>> Thanks!
>> Best,
>> Christopher.
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