[rabbitmq-discuss] Null messages in RabbitMq 2.6.1. Can't recover

Alfonso Pantoja alfonso.pantoja at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 17:04:02 GMT 2011


We are using RabbitMq version 2.6.1 which receives messages from a
Ejabberd server (via a custom erlang mod).
After upgrading Rabbit from 2.2.1 (the module was adapted to work with
new rabbit version) I've noticed that the messages created in that
module can't be recovered using the .NET API (2.6.1 and
because all messages are received as "null"
(using subscription.Next(millisecondsTimeout, out message))

The messages exists and are correct because in rabbit web
administration can be seen using the feature "Get Message(s) which
shows the body and properties.

I tried to sent the same message using a .NET publisher and it worked,
so I'm wondering which is the cause of the problem. It seems is the
way they are sent (maybe AMQP header properties?)...
Any ideas?

Thank you in advance



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