[rabbitmq-discuss] Problem with the example_consume from the c++ wrapper amqpccp

TZHA sophiewenxizhang at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 24 15:54:28 GMT 2011

I am using the c++ wrapper for librabbitmq (C client) - with windows
client and linux server. The example with get and different
configurations is ok.  The example_consume.cpp does work.

It seems to me that the consumer was registered at the server (I could
see it the web admin for the rabbitmq server).  However, the client
didn't get any result from  the queue.

It seems to me that in AMQPQueue::sendConsumeCommand()

while(1) {
		int result = amqp_simple_wait_frame(*cnn, &frame);
		if (result <= 0) return;

The "result" is always 0.   It seems to me that the "delivery" was not

The queue was not empty.

Am i missing something?

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