[rabbitmq-discuss] Exchange disappear

Marek Majkowski majek04 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 24 10:23:06 GMT 2011


On Wed, Nov 23, 2011 at 18:02, Rosa, Andrea <andrea.rosa at hp.com> wrote:
> I have got a problem using the py-amqplib as client (version 0.6.1), It’s
> more likely that my problem is in the client library but just to be 100%
> sure I will ask to you to confirm my idea and maybe you could also give me
> some aextra information to fix it.
> I have got this exception in my client log file :
> AMQPChannelException: (404, u"NOT_FOUND - no exchange
> 'a61f445d611d4f40a972d1f0c5449c77' in vhost '/'", (60, 40),
> 'Channel.basic_publish')

`basic_publish` must be run against an existing exchange. If the exchange
is not available - RabbitMQ will complain and abruptly close an amqp channel.

Make sure the exchange exists at that point - maybe put `exchange_declare`
before the `publish` ?

> And after that this error
> AMQPConnectionException: (503, u"COMMAND_INVALID - second 'channel.open'
> seen", (20, 10), 'Channel.open')

This looks like a client library issue. Not many AMQP client libraries know
how to behave after an error ocurred.

> The strange thing is that I can see the exchange in rabbitmq server.

This is quite unlikely. Maybe you checked at different point in time?
Maybe the exchange was `auto_delete=True` ?

You can verify that using `rabbitmqctl list_exchanges`, or even better,
using rabbitmq management plugin.

Hope that helps,

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