[rabbitmq-discuss] Count Constraining Q

Marc Dworkin mdworkin.spm at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 00:15:23 GMT 2011

Hi All,

I have just started dabbling with RabbitMQ with the goal of setting up a
distributed task running platform.

My naive set-up has one Topic Exchange, with routing
key "taskName"."messageType" (eg: fibonacciJob.jobFinished).  There is one
Job Q for each taskName bound to the Exchange on "taskName".jobPosted.  Job
Running consumers can connect to one or many Job Qs to retrieve and run
jobs (and post back status messages and downstream jobs).  I also have a
concept of Audit Consumers, who can bind to the Topic Exchange in all the
permutations of the routing key.

My Question is this: I would like to be able to specify the number of
instances of a particular job running at any given time.  Currently I have
a partial/kludgey implementation where the Job Poster listens to the Audit
Q for job completion before posting another job.  Is there a better
way/pattern to implement this?


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