[rabbitmq-discuss] reply_to header problems

Paul Cowan dagda1 at scotalt.net
Tue Nov 22 22:06:59 GMT 2011


I am trying to get my head round rabbitmq and I want 1 queue to listen and
when it receives a message, I want it to reply to an anonymous queue that
is specified via the reply_to header with multiple messages.

So far I have the following thor task that is doing what I want in the
following gist:


My calling code is in this gist


The problem is that messages are not sent until the all the messages in the
iteration have been published.

That is after the iteration in the (0..5) loop has finished then all the
messages are published.

Can anyone please tell me how I can publish each message individually and
asynchronously without having to wait until they are all published?

Paul Cowan

Cutting-Edge Solutions (Scotland)

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