[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ Windows 2008r2 Setup

steve flitcroft steve.flitcroft at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 08:10:01 GMT 2011


I am currently investigating the best way to setup RabbitMQ on our
infrastructure. Over the last few days I have been playing with the
idea of using Cluster and Failover feature of Win2008 r2 however this
would only give me an single Active/Passive cluster and I would have
to use shared storage for the rabbitmq instances and the nature in
which the windows services install make this a bit of a nightmare to
configure. Another option to enable a load balanced cluster is to use
NLB however this does not really give the resilience that i need since
NLB only listens for the NIC and not configured to ensure that
rabbitmq service is actually in a fit state. I really need the
consumers to use the same dns entry without any intelligence to be
dynamically switching addresses.

Could I draw upon anybody else's experience in configuring RabbitMQ on
a windows infrastructure. I have considered using some linux boxes and
ha proxy to load balance a windows rabbitmq cluster however our
corporate IT are reluctant to introduce different OS's onto the

Any help or thoughts welcome.


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