[rabbitmq-discuss] Camel RabbitMQ Component Available

DeckerEgo deckerego at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 17:25:49 GMT 2011

For those who might be interested - I've recently released a new AMQP
component for Apache Camel, now available at https://github.com/deckerego/camel-spring-amqp

The current AMQP component within Camel largely just builds a
connection factory for Qpid, Apache's AMQP implementation, then sends
the rest on to the JMS component. While that works as a fantastic
solution for those who might be making a migration away from JMS,
those accustomed to header exchanges or other AMQP-specific features
may want to use something else. This camel-spring-amqp component was
created to expose RabbitMQ features natively within a Camel endpoint.

The component leverages the Spring team's AMQP framework to help with
better consumer abstraction and dependency injection. Since Spring's
AMQP framework performs JSON marshalling with Jackson, I've also
included an XStream marshaller with this component so that messages
can be formatted using the XStream JSON libraries prior to being sent
over the wire.

I'm open to any feedback, testing or pull requests for camel-spring-
amqp. If you find the URI format to be a bit odd let me know - I'm
open to new ideas on how to better format the endpoint string.

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