[rabbitmq-discuss] Rabbitmq With Celery Problem, Error 541

Ask Solem ask at rabbitmq.com
Fri Nov 18 13:09:36 GMT 2011

On 18 Nov 2011, at 01:27, Mike Grouchy wrote:

> Hi There,
> I'm having this issue where I have a script that runs on a cronjob
> that runs a rather large amount of tasks against celery(around 60K or
> so tasks). It seems like after I get through a large portion of the
> tasks I start getting error 541's returned from the celery workers
> which seems to be bubbling up from rabbitmq.
> Here is the relevant portion of the log https://gist.github.com/c92d42929e514cbb69fa
> The weird thing is I am not seeing any error in the rabbitmq logs, but
> as far as I know the error is coming from rabbitmq.
> Can anyone point me in the direction on what I can do to prevent this
> from continuing to happen?

Seems to me like you have lost the connection to RabbitMQ while trying
to publish task results.

Are you using BROKER_POOL_LIMIT?

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