[rabbitmq-discuss] Consumer connection closes abruptly after one message

p2w tpletch001 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 19:29:04 GMT 2011


Hey I just noticed something in the new code. You are doing an
AMQP.start inside the EventMachine.next_tick. In my original code I am
doing a connect because the doc indicates that Thin already starts the
EM reactor.

Could that be an issue?

On Nov 16, 1:23 pm, Michael Klishin <michael.s.klis... at gmail.com>
> Le 16/nov/2011 à 22:47, p2w a écrit :
> > separately, when i try to use the approach in that gist you pointed me
> > at it is not reading the amqp.yml file properly. is there a particular
> > format it wants? I am using uri's in that file....can you let me know
> > if it wants something specific? here is the current format of that
> > file i looked at the doc and it should be working...but it keeps
> > trying to connect to localhost...:
> URI support is only available in master, I believe. Here is a couple of examples:https://gist.github.com/b26e4af5970c76130b7d
> URI support was committed inhttps://github.com/ruby-amqp/amqp/commit/50d15f19971daf2f289cb5279222...
> Feel free to switch to master, it is identical to the tip of 0.8.x-stable branch right now.
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