[rabbitmq-discuss] IPv6 issue?

Rosa, Andrea andrea.rosa at hp.com
Wed Nov 16 15:48:09 GMT 2011

Hi all,

I had a strange problem this morning.
I had some communication problem with rabbitmq, from netstat command I was able to verify that the connection between client and server was ESTABLISHED, but form the client the connection was using TCP and from Rabbimq the connection was using TCP6.
In this situation my client wasn't able to publish messages.
I changed my rabbitmq configuration file adding the following line:
and I restarted the server and the problem has been fixed.

Anyone has experienced with this similar issue before?
Could you confirm that the change I did, can be used to enforce rabbitmq to use just IPv4?

I have installed the rabbitmq 2.6.1 version, the client is Kombu python library using the py-amqplib.
Andrea Rosa
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