[rabbitmq-discuss] Clustering problem

Gaurav Shukla Gaurav.Shukla at hcl.com
Wed Nov 16 07:55:11 GMT 2011

I just got rabbitmq cluster done in unix box. I too got the same log. All I did was that I removed the rabbitmq-env.conf file and went as directed in the official site for clustering a single machine.

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yes, im running them as windows services.
Added RABBITMQ_CONSOLE_LOG to env variables, set to reuse(and new after
some tries), restarted service. But `RabbitMQ.debug` is not being created
in %APPDATA%\RabbitMQ . COnsole still reports same:

C:\Program Files (x86)\RabbitMQ
Server\rabbitmq_server-2.7.0\sbin>rabbitmqctl stop_app
Stopping node rabbit at R1 ...

C:\Program Files (x86)\RabbitMQ
Server\rabbitmq_server-2.7.0\sbin>rabbitmqctl reset
Resetting node rabbit at R1 ...

C:\Program Files (x86)\RabbitMQ
Server\rabbitmq_server-2.7.0\sbin>rabbitmqctl start_app
Starting node rabbit at R1 ...

C:\Program Files (x86)\RabbitMQ
Server\rabbitmq_server-2.7.0\sbin>rabbitmqctl cluster rabbit at r2
Clustering node rabbit at R1 with [rabbit at r2] ...
Error: mnesia_unexpectedly_running

On Wed, 16 Nov 2011 11:06:58 +0400, Matthias Radestock
<matthias at rabbitmq.com> wrote:

> Dmitry,
> On 16/11/11 06:05, Pursanov Dmitry wrote:
>> On Tue, 15 Nov 2011 12:32:36 +0400, Matthias Radestock
>> <matthias at rabbitmq.com> wrote:
>>> Check that the cookie hash reported by rabbit on startup is the same
>>> as shown in the rabbitmqctl diagnostics.
>> sorry, cant find information on how to check that..
>> Cookie hashes on r1 and r2 are same(just copied cookie file)
> Are you running the rabbits as windows services? If so then then see
> (http://www.rabbitmq.com/configure.html#define-environment-variables)
> for enabling logging of the startup output.
> Regards,
> Matthias.

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