[rabbitmq-discuss] [announcement] New Ruby clients documentation site

Michael Klishin michael.s.klishin at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 21:36:46 GMT 2011

I am happy to announce new amqp gem documentation site: it is at
right now but will soon [1] be available as rubyamqp.info and

It is the same content as http://bit.ly/amqp-gem-docs right now but we will
keep expanding it.
The plan is to use this as an opportunity to write documentation guides for
two other Ruby clients,
Bunny and Hot Bunnies [2].

I hope people who use Ruby and RabbitMQ will like this new guides site as
much as I do. Kudos
to Alexander Petrov for doing all the work on CSS.

1. "soon" here means "as soon as I am done fighting with the dns registrar".
2. http://github.com/ruby-amqp/hot_bunnies

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