[rabbitmq-discuss] Management Web Server on Windows with 2.7.0

John Ruiz jruiz at johnruiz.com
Mon Nov 14 17:16:29 GMT 2011


I used the exe installer to install rabbitmq-server-2.7.0 on Windows
2008 R2 on top of erlang R14B01.

I've enabled the rabbitmq_management plugin and restarted the windows
service for rabbitmq, but I cannot connect to http://localhost:55672/
and netstat tells me that nothing is listening on port 55672.

When I execute rabbitmq-plugins.bat list, I see that
rabbitmq_management (and its dependent plugins) are enabled.

I've also tried executing:
rabbitmq-server remove
rabbitmq-server install
rabbitmq-server start

with the same results.

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