[rabbitmq-discuss] [HA] restart node and restart mirror node issue

Yu-Teh Shen shenyute at gmail.com
Sat Nov 12 12:18:22 GMT 2011

Hello all.

I use  rabbitMQ 2.7's mirror queue with 'x-ha-policy: nodes'.

I just found a weird situation.

I have a queue with master node: A and mirror node: B.

I sent message to the queue. And then I stop Node A.

The message can still access because it is in node B (for mirror queue).

But after I restart node A, now the management webgui shows Node is B and
there is no Mirrors for the queue.

If I send message to the same queue and stop node B, the message will not
mirrored in node A.

Is the behavior correct? I thought after I restart Node A, it should back
to the mirror node of Node B.


Shen, Yu-Teh
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