[rabbitmq-discuss] asynchronous fetching messages from rabbitMQ queues

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Wed Nov 9 18:05:49 GMT 2011

On 09/11/11 05:50, pavuuu wrote:
> But, when I call "consumer.Queue.Dequeue()" I get only 1 message. Do I have
> to call Dequeue 100 times to fetch 100 messages?

Yes, you do.

> Cant I do it with one call??

There may not be a 100 messages ready to be dequeued. In fact there may 
be none to start with. And then some may arrive. And then some more may 

Do you want an api call that waits for n messages to arrive and then 
returns them in, say, an array?


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