[rabbitmq-discuss] Performance issue over time in a consumer using basic qos (mirrored queues)

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Wed Nov 9 17:46:49 GMT 2011


On 08/11/11 14:11, Tarjei Romtveit wrote:
> 3. We have currently two brokers in a cluster
> 4. The queues are set up in mirrored (We can not lose any messages),
> durable and non-exclusive.

What do you mean by "mirrored"? Presumably not rabbit's active-active HA 
queue mirroring, since that only became available in 2.6.0 and you are 
running 2.5.1.

> Over time we see a larger performance decrease in consuming the messages
> from the broker. The consumer is deadly fast in the start. 1-2 ms per
> message. Then the retrieval gradually decreases to 25-26 ms per message.

At the risk of stating the obvious, the slow-down isn't just due to 
there being no more messages in the queue, right? Are you seeing a 
backlog build up? If so, is the server busy?



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