[rabbitmq-discuss] MCollective using a RabbitMQ Cluster

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Wed Nov 9 02:27:38 GMT 2011

Hello All,

I'm looking to implement an MCollective platform in my data center.
I would like to use a High Availability RabbitMQ cluster as we already have
implementations and I feel that it is a far superior product to other MQs
on the market.

I understand that RabbitMQ doesn't work well over a WAN connection yet,
with the Federation plugin becoming part of the distribution I believe this
may change
soon enough. Based on discussions I've read and participated in, I am a bit
as to what is considered "WAN Clustering".  In my mind, two machines (or
five) on
one public /29 would not be considered to be connected over the WAN,
however, I was
directed to the Federation plugin when I brought up connecting two public
Can someone please define "WAN Clustering", is it two machines connected on
networks, in separate data centers?

My second question is about HA Clusters and MCollective specifically.

I drew this picture to illustrate my problem. http://i.imgur.com/Ms0mv.png

Basically, as I understand it, because MCollective is pointed to an IP, if
that machine is down,
there is no failover...  Maybe I'm just going about it wrong.

A co-worker (literally moments ago) pointed out RabbitMQ now has a HA
plugin that lays
on top of a Rabbit Cluster.  I'll investigate this further.

The wisdom of the MCollective group is to use ActiveMQ.  This is not an
acceptable solution.

In the mean time, I am way off here?  Does anyone have a suggestion to
solve the HA problem
with MCollective?

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