[rabbitmq-discuss] Complaint on lack of easy stand-alone GUI tool to examine RabbitMQ queues/topics

Jason J. W. Williams jasonjwwilliams at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 20:04:49 GMT 2011

> Enough ranting.  Seriously, somebody please be a hero.  Assume the
> user is a complete AMQP novice with no time on their hands to study
> usage of the tools.  We would love the tool to be packaged as an .msi
> that installs right onto Windows XP or Windows 7.
> Then we can get vCloud director to post a message, we can look at the
> various queues or topics to find out where the message went and then
> we can configure vCloud orchestrator to read the message and take
> actions...
> This lack of a basic tooling for RabbitMQ is very frustrating.

The web UI plugin works decently these tasks. It sounds like the issue
really is that vCloud Director does not provide the necessary
observability (GUI) to wire Rabbit (which it's depending on) up with
other VMware solutions. I'm not a Redhat guy, but on Ubuntu there is a
package called erlang-nox (no X dependencies) that is targeted for
server installs where you're not going to be using Erlang's GUI
libraries. I would hope that Redhat has a similar Erlang package.

Here's a screencast of using the web UI to inspect a message from a
queue (and requeue it so that someone else picks it up):


It would be nice to see the web UI extended to turn on observability
of messages flowing through without consuming them (a la Matthew's
visualization plugin).


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