[rabbitmq-discuss] JSonRPC Encoding

Jerry Kuch jerryk at vmware.com
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You say that server side "the string is with squares."  What do you
mean?  You mean the hollow squares that often appear when characters
that aren't printable in a particular encoding are printed?  You 
may want to look at the character sets/encodings being assumed on 
either side of your round trip...

Or perhaps I misunderstand you totally?

Best regards,

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I am using Gson (google). 

When I Gson in the client side - it passes to a correct json string . 
then I send it through the interface of jsomRpc Client server and in the server side the string is with squares. 

gsoning alone works fine in the client side. 
thank you for your time. 

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On 31/10/11 13:19, Mysurf Mail wrote: 
> Thanks for the answer. 
> Any suggestions how should I do some further investigations? 
> Thank you 

I seem to recall that you were using a different JSON library than the 
one provided in the com.rabbitmq.tools.json namespace. If that is the 
case then you should check the documentation of your library. RFC4627 
supports any Unicode encoding, defaulting to UTF-8. 

If you are using the default JSON code in com.rabbitmq.tools.json 
namespace then you only have the option of using UTF-8. JsonRpcServer is 
based on StringRpcServer which only supports UTF-8. 


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