[rabbitmq-discuss] WCF example fails with EndpointNotFoundException when more than 1 server instance is running

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Wed Nov 2 16:02:22 GMT 2011

Hi Slava,

On 01/11/11 22:32, Slava Miropolsky wrote:
> I'm trying to distribute requests in round-robin among multiple
> instances of a WCF service using RabbitMQ WCF binding. I'm using WCF
> configDemo example but it fails with EndpointNotFoundException when more
> than 1 instance of the server (consumer) is running. Could you pl lmk
> what should I change to make WCF round-robin scenario work?

Unfortunately the WCF binding does not allow this. The reason is that
each Service creates a new AMQP binding and a new queue for requests.
Therefore each Service will receive all requests, leading to the errors
you see.

An alternative is to create separate endpoints for each worker and to
round-robin at the request stage.


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