[rabbitmq-discuss] Build rabbitmq-server-2.4.1 from source problem

Alexander Kuleshov kuleshovmail at gmail.com
Tue May 31 13:37:54 BST 2011

Thank you all. I build it with python 2.6.

Now i have 2 question:

1) How can i use it in my erlang code? I must to user
rabbitmq-erlang-client? or something else?

I build rabbitmq-erlang-client from github git. I put in my code:


But get error:

./test.erl:10: can't find include file "amqp_client.hrl"

2) How can i install rabbitmq-server. I build it with make. Them i try
to make install:

make install
Please set TARGET_DIR.
Please set SBIN_DIR.
Please set MAN_DIR.
make: *** [install_dirs] Error 1

Thank you.

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