[rabbitmq-discuss] behavior when erlang processes exhausted

Aaron Westendorf aaron at agoragames.com
Thu May 26 14:11:55 BST 2011


> I don't think increasing the process limit is a good idea unless you know
> there are good reasons for why your application would exceed the defaults.
> As I said in my earlier reply ...

We're very likely to, especially with regards to channels. At the
moment most of our traffic is routed over one host, and all the
applications use at least a few queues each. Where we're really likely
to use Erlang procs is for channels, as we use them liberally both on
their own and via haigha's ChannelPool. In this case, where messages
were piling up and it's possible that ChannelPools were growing large
because transactions were slowing down, we could have hit our process
limit quite readily. Adding an optional cap to the pool size is a
feature I intend to add.


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