[rabbitmq-discuss] BasicAck and Timeout

Valentin Bernard vbernard42 at gmail.com
Thu May 26 08:30:28 BST 2011


That shouldn't be a problem. Here is what the 2nd tutorial says:
"If a consumer dies without sending an ack, RabbitMQ will understand
that a message wasn't processed fully and will redeliver it to another
consumer. That way you can be sure that no message is lost, even if
the workers occasionally die.

There aren't any message timeouts; RabbitMQ will redeliver the message
only when the worker connection dies. It's fine even if processing a
message takes a very, very long time."



On May 26, 2:17 am, Yann Luppo <ylu... at leads360.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using RabbitMq to process tasks that can be processed anywhere in
> the range of 1 sec to a couple of days, albeit the later should be a
> rare case, and I was wondering if there is any timeout set in Erlang or
> RabbitMq that would prevent me from sending the BasicAck after a very
> long period of time and work as expected?
> I read stuff about some connection heartbeat but couldn't quite figure
> out if it's related.
> Thanks,
> Yann
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