[rabbitmq-discuss] behavior when erlang processes exhausted

Marcos Ortiz mlortiz at uci.cu
Wed May 25 21:23:27 BST 2011

On 05/25/2011 03:01 PM, Aaron Westendorf wrote:
> What is the expected behavior of Rabbit when Erlang runs out of
> processes? We had an event over the past weekend that went something
> like this:
>    =ERROR REPORT==== 22-May-2011::17:35:58 ===
>    Too many processes
Regards, Aaron, Can you provide your environment's details?
- Operating System
- Erlang version
- RabbitMQ version

  Can you provide minor details which are the basic workflows of the 
RabbitMQ'use on Agora?

Can you check with erlang:system_info(process_limit) which is the 
process limit in your O.S?


> This continued for many hours. Rabbit is configured with 1048576 procs
> and with mid-day load is reporting 595400 in use. At the time of this
> event, our databases were beginning a prolonged period of fail, and
> messages were starting to pile up. I don't have numbers for count of
> pending messages at the time of this first log report, but when it
> outright crashed 2.5 hours later, the backlog had spiked to more than
> 2 million and was declining after we fixed the databases and messages
> were finally draining.
> I have mountains of application and SASL logs and have already poured
> through them to highlight notable sections. I'll gladly provide any
> data to help diagnose the crash. The final seconds, triggered by a
> rabbitmqctl call to list queues, resulted in rex dying and mnesia
> exiting.
> -Aaron

Marcos Luis Ortiz Valmaseda
  Software Engineer (Distributed Systems)

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