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yaohui yaohui1984 at qq.com
Tue May 24 03:15:38 BST 2011

If the producer sends plenty of messages constantly over the memory throttling,and couldn't stop, where these messages is? stay on the side of producer? in this case, i think the producer would crash out of memory.

>Since 2.x, RabbitMQ will no longer allow the Erlang process to run out 
>of memory and stop due to fast producers and slow consumers.

>If you have a fast producer running constantly, accompanied by a slow 
>consumer then the number of queued messages will grow. To prevent this 
>from causing out of memory problems, Rabbit will throttle the producer 
>once the memory high watermark is hit.

>The throttling works by simply blocking the producer from sending any 
>more data over the TCP socket. Once memory drops below the high 
>watermark, due to the consumer catching up or messages being flushed to 
>disk, the producer can send data again.

>Note that your producer might bounce off the watermark frequently if it 
>just keeps publishing without let up.


>>Hagbard at gmx.de wrote:
>> Hi,
>> im new to RabbitMQ and i have a question about the memory usage of RabbitMQ. I read that since RabbitMQ 2.x i don't need to care about fast producers and slow consumers and so don't need to care about the amount of messages in a queue and memory usage. After a test yesterday with 2GB memory and 4M messages in a queue (no consumer) RabbitMQ reached high memory watermark and stopped. Can somebody explain that behaviour?
>> Thanks a lot
>> Hagbard
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