[rabbitmq-discuss] .NET API (2.4.1) -- does BasicAcks event ever fire?

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Sun May 15 21:13:38 BST 2011


Luke Winikates wrote:
> Thanks. That clarifies a lot, and that use case makes a lot more sense.
> The name for this event in the .NET API is much different from its Java 
> counterpart... in a way that seems misleading (perhaps only to me?).

The difference is due to the fact that events are first class in .net 
but not Java.

In the .net client there is one event for each async AMQP command that 
the client can receive on a channel. In that design it is logical and 
sensible to name the events after their corresponding commands.

By contrast, in the Java client we have listener interfaces that group 
related event handling methods. There the *methods* are named after the 
events, with the listener interface name identifying the broader 
functionality (e.g. confirms, consumer).



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