[rabbitmq-discuss] Erlang Client Changes Since 2.2.0?

Chris Chew chrisch at ecollege.com
Thu May 12 19:06:33 BST 2011

Hi Everybody.

I'm getting ready to freshen my instance of the erlang client as part of an upcoming release of our message bus.  Is there a concise list of changes and/or upgrade steps for the erlang client from 2.2.0 to 2.4.1?

You do a great job with this with the java and .net clients, but I don't see the analog for the erlang client.  There are a bunch of commits in the hg repo since that time of 2.2.0, but I'd love to be able to just skim past them...  :)

If there is no such summary, is there anything I should know up-front about the changes?

Thanks in advance!


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