[rabbitmq-discuss] manage permission Subscriber with RPC send system

Matteo Carbone matteo.carbone at network.txtgroup.com
Thu May 12 12:00:45 BST 2011

Hello I am new to this forum ... my name is Matteo ...


Let me explain a bit that I would use the system and the problem I have
encountered ...


I have the following tools:










the client sends a request to the RPC and waits for a response, the server
processes the request and returns a response on RPC queue(autogenerate)...



To implement the RPC service to the client have given the following
permissions on request_vhost ".*" ".*" ".*"

because they must be able to write to the queue request_queue, but must also
be able to create a response queue

with the RPC service (which generates a wild-queue random name) and then
must also have permission to read up on the corner of the PRC,

which will have an arbitrary name ...

So how can I avoid that the client can subscribe or cancel the queue

or rather I would like that the only things I can do is send the client a
message on the queue request_queue

and read the response from the queue created with the RPC service ...

What kind of permission do I set? is achievable? 


thanks ...


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