[rabbitmq-discuss] Receive all history routed through exchange

Simone simone.busoli at gmail.com
Mon May 9 08:44:56 BST 2011

Hello, I am looking for ideas about how to implement this scenario, 
specifically if there are known patterns in RabbitMQ to do it. I am quite 
new to this messaging thing so any advice is appreciated.
When publishing messages to a topic exchange I need all subscribers to 
always have the whole history of the messages published through it. The 
concept sounds similar to a group chat, so that anytime you join you see the 
whole story of the chat (since some moment in the past), regardless 
of whether:

- you were already in when the first message was sent or
- you joined later or
- you join, leave and join

I am wondering if RabbitMQ is suitable to design this scenario or it is a 
typical use case covered by XMPP and thus I am trying to use RabbitMQ for 
something it was not designed for.
BTW I also noticed this recent post<https://groups.google.com/d/topic/rabbitmq-discuss/eTGLy7F0STo/discussion>which sounds interesting: 

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