[rabbitmq-discuss] .NET API (2.4.1) -- does BasicAcks event ever fire?

Luke Winikates luke.winikates at gmail.com
Tue May 3 20:41:24 BST 2011

I recently started experimenting with RabbitMQ using the .NET Client,
version 2.4.1 (via NuGet).

When I first started playing with it, I ran into a bit of a puzzler when I
tried to add an EventHandler to the IModel.BasicAcks event. It seems as
though the event never gets raised, and I'm wondering if I'm using the .NET
Client wrong. An event handler on the IModel.ModelShutdown event works just
fine. Messages are definitely getting Ack-ed (the management console
confirms this), but I'm getting nothing on the event front.

I posted the same question on Stack Overflow not long ago, trying to see if
anyone out there had a suggestion. Nobody has yet, but it does show the code
that I was using to experiment with RabbitMQ:


I'm curious if anyone has used this feature successfully. I'm wondering if
this is just a seldom-used part of the .NET Client that nobody's actually
touched except me.

-Luke Winikates
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