[rabbitmq-discuss] Pathological dead queue behavior in a cluster.

Jason J. W. Williams jasonjwwilliams at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 23:21:32 BST 2011

> No probs at all. I agree it would be good for pika to catch up with some
> of the features we've been adding to AMQP, but I realise there's likely
> a lot of code in flux atm. Please let us know if any of the
> documentation regarding our extensions is unclear. If in doubt though,
> using the Java Tracer and/or wireshark is probably the most immediate
> way for you to see what our clients are sending and receiving from the
> broker.

Cancellation notifications are really core to writing good
cluster-aware clients, so I'm hopeful we can get it into Pika. I was
going through the docs on capabilities presentation, was little
unclear what format the table needs to be in. The spec seems to expect
a string there so I assume the table is encoded either in something
like Erlang or JSON. Going from the docs, would this be the right
capabilities string to pass to enable cancellation notification?

'{"consumer_cancel_notify" = true}'

Thank you again very much!


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