[rabbitmq-discuss] multiple routing keys on a queue.

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Wed Mar 30 15:19:44 BST 2011

Hi guys,
me again :-)

I need a reference please to a multiple routing keys binded queue.
You see, I created a queue and binded it once with
and another time with

until i got this two bindings on the same queue.
but upon publishing - only the first bounded message was transfered
(I even replaced the orders and still - only the first. so my publishing is

What i didnt do - is define the channel.basicConsumer with a new subscriber.
should I do it ? I want the old subsciver to get more messages. what did I
do wrong?

Here is a list of my queues is
you can see that amq.gen-4ae4QUbSNevC/RgM+8C9CA== is binded to two keys.

but the message goes only to the first key (did I mention it already?)

Listing queues ...
amq.gen-4ae4QUbSNevC/RgM+8C9CA==        0
amq.gen-sgZK0bSc0W3QEXda8m1vIQ==        0
PositionsQueue  1

rabbitmqctl.bat list_bindings

Listing bindings ...
        exchange        PositionsQueue  queue   PositionsQueue  []
        exchange        amq.gen-4ae4QUbSNevC/RgM+8C9CA==        queue
        exchange        amq.gen-sgZK0bSc0W3QEXda8m1vIQ==        queue
Positions_Exchange      exchange
amq.gen-4ae4QUbSNevC/RgM+8C9CA==        queue   Account:Account1
Positions_Exchange      exchange
amq.gen-4ae4QUbSNevC/RgM+8C9CA==        queue   Portfolio:Portfolio1

10x a lot
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